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QES- (Quality Early Scoring)

QAR is proud to offer an Early-scoring (QES) model for your receivables. This process is simple & cost effective early in the revenue cycle such as identifying accounts for charity care, Medicaid or Self pay. This process assists hospitals & doctors to meet their missions and improves collection results by shifting resources to more collectable accounts.

The process is simple -  0-90 day accounts can be scored scored (QES ) through our local data base at competitive rates. Account scoring FICA model will assist to determine what the account needs next . Accounts can be placed into “buckets “ for financial review for the next stage of the revenue cycle.

Buckets are files sent back to the facility with collectability on accounts so your office can quickly streamline your aging receivables.


Bucket  1 – Poor credit scores, which will most likely need financial assistance such as charity care & Medicaid.

Bucket 2–Border line scores .Not quite the worst and not quite good .Need review for possible financial assistance or quick collection process.

Bucket 3 – High credit scoring with highest likelihood of recovery . These accounts need quick attention such as letters, staff calling or collection referral.

Example model scores – FICA scores 500 & below will fall into a review mode (Bucket1) for financial assistance such as charity eligibility & Medicaid.

  • FICA scores 501-600 will fall into bucket 2 and will also need reviewing for financial assistance or pre – collect attempts.
  • FICA score 601 & up which is a higher collectable account probability ,will fall into Bucket 3 which is a self pay bucket & should be sent off for pre collection or collection process.

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