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QAR Technology

QAR continues to keep up on today's cutting edge technology. Listed below is a sample of the technology we use to increase our productivity.


CollectOne Tiger (CDS): The backbone of our collection efforts is around this comprehensive software platform. We are able to download account information, run dialer campaigns, process payment information, and mail letters from this program.

I-Collect: The use of Icollect allows for our clients to be able to access their accounts remotely

Bill Payments:   Our courteous staff is able to handle payments over the phone or by mail, using either check or credit card.

ACP (Automated Check Processing): We are able to automatically process checks over the phone with the use of our ACP software.

Payment Arrangements: Arrangements for payments over time can be made smoothly with the aid of the CollectOne Tiger system. Our staff will make every effort to resolve delinquent accounts in the most efficient manner possible.

Billing Support: The experienced QAR billing staff will retrieve any UB-04 or IZ forms necessary for insurance companies to resolve these accounts. We are currently in the process of employing the Medisoft platform to speed the pace of UB92 retrieval.

Skiptracing: We employ the use of Various cutting edge skip tracing software companies for our skip tracing needs, giving a cost-effective and powerful tool in tracking debtors that leave large balances behind.

Auto-Dialer: QAR uses the most advanced Auto dialer of today's technology. We have the ability to make multiple contacts simultaneously with the use of our independent dialer system. This allows for calls to be made at the same time our staff is on the phones to debtors.

Technology & Support: Our office uses the most updated operating systems running off of our Windows 2000 Server. Access to our PCs is kept secure for the protection of our clients and each debtor.