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Healthcare Receivable Solutions

  • Business Office Services – Managing a specific portion or all of your aged third party  Account Receivables resulting in a reduction of your days outstanding and providing an increase in your cash flow ,so you can concentrate on your current Receivables.
  • Eligibility Services – Provide screening of patients for various medical assistance programs to include Medicaid eligibility, charity care, medical denials, violent crime applications, out of state Medicaid programs and Catastrophic Illness in Children’s fund.
  • Pre-Collection Services – Contacting patients and guarantors as a first party (in the name of provider), to collect past due balances, arrange suitable payment schedules, identifying unbilled insurance, or provide necessary documentation to resolve billing issues.
  • Billing and Insurance Follow-up Services – Provide electronic billing services to all payers and intensive follow-up services to include worker’s compensation, no fault, and personal injury cases.
  • Collection Services – Provide Bad Debt Recovery Services in a series of letters and phone calls to produce maximum recovery while adhering to all local and state regulations and in accordance with FDCPA.  We will maintain positive  relationships with patients and payers and will act as a “silent partner” to our health  care clients.